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Hats with leather or leatherette patches. You can customize your hat by easily... 

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About Us

Welcome to our online store. We're glad you're here. We specialize in creating hand-painted leather patch hats, unique styled wood purses and combining art and home decor to create special items for you.

Jarvela Design is family owned business located in Round Rock, Texas. We’ve had a long history of creating things for our homes and wanted to create a small business where we can share our love of creating with you. We are passionate about the products that we make from the shop in our home. We strive to offer unique, personalized, and meaningful products for you.

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Custom Orders

If you are looking for custom items, we'd love to help! We love to make items inspired by you!

Upload your logo or idea and watch the magic happen!
Contact us at for more information! 

A nominal design fee may apply.

  • 14 inch lazy susan spinner with an painted acrylic pour and laser engraved monogram.

  • 12 inch red oak laser engraved plague celebrating a 20 year anniversary.

  • Texas raised stand with a painted acrylic pour in the colors of grey and pink.

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